WOW! Summer of 2019 was crazy but remember able! If you ask me how my summer was, I would talk about my experiences with photo meet-ups which was mind-soothing and refreshing. You must be wondering about the photo meet-ups, right? I did too. When recently a photo editor suggested to me attend Street Meet DC and Photo Meet DC outings, I hadn’t expected such an overwhelming response. Now, let me tell you that before the photo meet, I’ve been bummed down for a while going through a creativity block and not knowing how to get my photography back in action. There was this constant stress of going MIA (Missing In Action) from my passion and that I simply couldn’t let it happen. So, I decided to take the plunge and come what may, I simply decided to brave the torrid summer and hit the streets. And my oh my…I don’t regret it at all. I personally enjoyed it a lot as I got to sharpen my photography skills while clicking and capturing some incredible moments. The best part about these meet-ups was the eccentric neighborhoods of the DMV and despite the heat, sweat and different lighting situations, I thoroughly had an exciting shoot which literally made my day. I’ll be uploading the images soon. Stay tuned to experience the enjoyment that I had. Till then…follow your passion and keep checking out my pictures.