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Jay Fleming Annapolis Workshop

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I believe photography is not something that can be explained with words. It is a form of art and people with an aesthetic eye can perceive the true depth of a picture.

I have been interested in photography for a long time now other than just shooting pictures of different experiences. I often find myself surfing through the pictures shot by other photographers. It provides me with the opportunity to broaden my knowledge.

It was during this surfing that I found out about Jay Fleming. When I viewed his photographs, I was immediately intrigued by the pictures. Every single picture that he had shot, had a certain depth and beauty.

I was able to get a spot for the first 2020 Annapolis Water Workshop that occurred this past August. I was quite excited for the whole experience because it was completely new for me and I was excited to be directly introduced to a professional photographer such as Jay. Having an interest in photography, I was enthusiastic about the workshop as it would provide me with significant experience.

However, something unpredictably occurred. The whole week before the workshop, there were severe thunderstorms and flooding.

Throughout the week, I was worried because forecasters had determined that there would be thunderstorms in the morning of the workshop. However, it seemed that God was looking out for us because instead of thunderstorms, there was nothing but puffy clouds and a magnificent sunrise.

During the trip, Jay helped the whole group by taking pictures. For instance, getting low in the boat, guiding us on which pictures are considered good, which lenses should be used, and for what purposes.

Although I am not a big fan of driving across the Bay Bridge, I have to recognize that being on the boat underneath the bridge was quite peaceful. It was so peaceful that I could not help but take a long and deep breath to experience nature.


Bay Bridge


Once we had taken some pictures of Bay Bridge, we were taken to three lighthouses by Jay including Thomas Point Shoal, Bloody Point Bar, and Sandy Point Shoal lighthouses.


Sandy Point Shoal Lighthouse

Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse


Bloody Point  Bar Lighthouse

I should tell you that we were also able to see local crab boats pull and put their crab pots in the boats.


Lori D Crab Boat on the Chesapeake Bay


After participating in the workshop, I can easily say that I feel more empowered and better in taking pictures because I certainly did not possess the knowledge and information was provided by Jay.

I am looking forward to participating in workshop for 2021. There are numerous areas that are covered by Jay. If  you want more information, you can visit

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