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Merlon Devine Performing At Blues Alley

by | Jan 27, 2024 | Concerts | 0 comments

Merlon Devine, Blues Alley, Georgetown, Washington DC, Freddie Fox
Merlon Devine, Blues Alley, Jazz Concert, Washington DC, Guitar, Saxophonist, Iris Savoy Photographer, Iris Nikki Photography
Merlon Devine, Saxophonists, Saxophone, Jazz, Jazz Concert, Soft Jazz, Blues Alley, Iris Savoy, Iris Nikki Photography

  Capturing the essence of a live performance is always a thrilling experience for a concert photographer, and my recent opportunity to shoot jazz saxophonist Merlon Devine at Blues Alley in Georgetown, DC, was no exception. The seamless journey from work to the venue, free from the notorious DC traffic, set a positive tone for the evening. Upon arrival, I found a welcoming atmosphere, reconnecting with familiar faces from a local church and meeting Merlon’s wife. The staff at Blues Alley added to the warmth, proving to be amicable throughout my time there, making the overall experience enjoyable.

  Once I set up my gear, the magic unfolded as Merlon Devine took the stage. His 90-minute set was a mesmerizing journey through his current and past works, skillfully highlighting the talents of his band members. The addition of guitarist Freddie Fox for the performance of “Vigor” added a special touch to an already exceptional evening of jazz. This concert at Blues Alley not only provided an opportunity to capture captivating shots but also allowed me to immerse myself in the rich musical tapestry woven by Merlon Devine and his talented collaborators.

You can find more concert and music release information for both Merlon Devine and Freddie Foxx by visiting their websites,, and


Merlon Devine, Blues Alley, Georgetown, Washington DC, Jazz Concert, Iris Nikki Photography , Iris Savoy Photographer
Merlon Devine, Saxophonist, Smooth Jazz, Jazz Concert, Live Music, Blues Alley, Georgetown, Washington DC, Iris Nikki Photography, Iris Savoy photographer
Freddie Fox, Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Live Music, Iris Nikki Photography, Iris Savoy

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