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The Return to Concert Photography

by | Jul 11, 2021 | Concerts, Story Behind The Image | 0 comments

Concert Photography shutdown last year due to the pandemic. I spent over a year with no live, in-person music. Horrible! Sunday night I was able to shoot Marcus Johnson. To be compliance, Rams Head made small changes to the venue. Waitresses have cell phones to handle customer purchases and check-ins. Empty tables were scattered throughout the view for social distancing. Marcus Johnson started a little after 8 p.m. dressed down wearing a Rolling Stone t-shirt. Marcus had the audience heads moving as he played songs from his catalog. He gave a touching story about the name “Danny’s Song”. Marcus was backed by a 4-piece band and they even challenged Marcus on a couple of songs. The audience love it.
Visit or subscribe to Apple, Pandora, Spotify, or YouTube to listen to Marcus Johnson. Marcus Johnson wine, Flo, can be ordered online at
George V Johnson Jr, Millennium Stage, Kennedy Center, DC Jazz Festival, Jazz Festival, Music Festival, Music Performance, Singer, Music Instruments
George V Johnson Jr, Millennium Stage, Kennedy Center, DC Jazz Festival, Jazz Singer, Jazz Festival, Music Festival
Lenny Robinson, Drummer, Jazz Drummer, Jazz Music, DC Jazz Festival
Dovante McCoy, Trumpt Player, George V Johnson Jr, Millennium Stage, Kennedy Center, DC Jazz Festival 2023,
Elijah Easton, saxophonist, jazz saxophonist, live music, DC Jazz Festival, performers
Herman Burney, Bass, Bass Player, Cello, Millennium Stage, Kennedy Center, DC Jazz Festival

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