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The Return to Concert Photography

by | Jul 11, 2021 | Concerts, Story Behind The Image | 0 comments

As a seasoned concert and branding photographer, I’ve encountered my fair share of challenges, but nothing quite prepared me for the heart-stopping moment of an SD card failure at the Potomac Jazz and Seafood Festival. This experience underscored the importance of preparation and adaptability in our profession.

The festival was in full swing, and I had already captured some incredible moments of performances by Julius Vaughn, Marcus Mitchell, Joi Carter, and Latrice Carr. During a break, as the stage was being rearranged, I decided to review the images through my camera’s viewfinder. To my dismay, I was greeted with an SD card failure notification. Suddenly, the images I had taken were inaccessible. My heart sunk. Losing those shots was not an option; the artists had delivered exceptional performances that needed to be immortalized.

In that moment of panic, I remembered the additional SD cards I had packed in my bag—a precaution I had thankfully taken. Quickly, I switched to a new card, formatted it, and resumed shooting. The rest of the festival went smoothly, and I managed to capture the remaining performances without further incident.

After the festival, I anxiously downloaded the images from the problematic SD card. To my relief, they transferred without issue. However, I didn’t take any chances with that card again—it went straight into the trash. I then ordered new, reliable SD cards to replace it.

Key Takeaways

  1. Always Handle Memory Cards with Care: Physical damage or mishandling can lead to failures. Treat your cards with the same care you give your camera equipment.
  2. Purchase New Cards Frequently: Memory cards have a finite lifespan. Regularly update your stock to ensure reliability.
  3. Pack Spare Cards in Your Camera Bag: Always have backups readily available. This simple precaution saved me from a potential disaster.

This experience was a stark reminder of the unpredictability of technology and the importance of being prepared. By maintaining good practices and staying equipped with backups, we can mitigate the risks and ensure we capture every moment, no matter what challenges arise.

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